Citizens for Dan Williams

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Holding the Line on Property Taxes

Balanced budgets with the state contributing more towards education costs as it did in the past, while providing quality education for all. Dan wants to work with Governor Wolf to have the state pay a larger share of education costs, as it did in the past, instead of draining the pockets of property owners. With Dan Williams and other Dems backing his plan, Governor Wolf will finally be able to implement a severance tax on natural gas extractors. Every other state with natural gas charges a similar tax, and it could raise $500 MILLION a year by 2020 that would be used to fund education in CASD and across the state. We need a working government with real solutions like this, before people are taxed out of their homes! None of Dan’s opponents have committed to this - they only offer more empty talk with no solutions! More info here:

Equitable Education for All

Dan stands with teachers, parents and students, and will work with Governor Wolf to ensure better education without increasing property taxes. We can fully fund education while reducing the burden of property taxes on seniors and those on a fixed income. As the primary guides of our children, teachers should receive a fair living wage, and shouldn’t be expected to purchase extra supplies for their students. Students should have the best environment we can provide for learning, and reasonable class sizes. Parents should be able to feel proud about the education their children are receiving, and they are paying for with their property taxes.

Jobs & Infrastructure

Promoting economic growth that benefits everyone in the 74th District will increase our tax base without raising taxes, and create a more prosperous income base for all. Dan is already working to bring vocational training to the 74thfor those who want a good job with a sustainable income, and worthwhile benefits. The good paying jobs coming with revitalization in Coatesville should go to area residents. As should the jobs that repairing our failing infrastructure will bring. The Route 30 bypass, and many local roads and bridges continue to fall into disrepair, and are patched up only when they reach a critical point. We need to start truly fixing our infrastructure, instead of applying band-aids here and there when they become extremely unsafe or unusable.

Responsible Gun Laws

Gun show loopholes must be removed and more efficient background checks should be done for all


Guns must be taken out of the hands of domestic violence offenders, and those who receive Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders, sooner. This is something Dan also feels strongly about.  Currently, when someone is convicted of a domestic violence crime, they have 60 days to give their weapons to a relative, friend or neighbor as long as they don't live in the same home.  Also, when a judge issues a PFA, they have discretion as to whether an individual's weapons must be surrendered to the sheriff's office or local law enforcement.  There are no guidelines for them to follow, and across the state judges currently only require weapons to be relinquished in about 15% of PFA cases.  Current Legislation (PA SB-501) would require people convicted of a domestic violence crime to give their firearms to a law enforcement agency, a registered gun dealer or their attorney within 48 hours.  In addition, all defendants in final PFA cases would have to hand over their weapons within 24 hours. They would of course be able to get them back as soon as the PFA expires or is dismissed.  This legislation passed the PA Senate 50-0 last month.  Dan would support this or similar legislation in the PA House.


As most of us, Dan is not a proponent of abortion. He has always counseled any women who consult with him to try to find another way. However, he firmly believes that such a choice is one to be made by a woman and her doctor consulting with her family and the father of the baby. The State has no place in the middle of this discussion, and Dan will support legislation that keeps Choice the priority and stand against any laws that try to encumber this right. Dan also supports state funding for Planned Parenthood and any organizations that provide women’s reproductive healthcare, family planning and other such critical health and community services.

Equal Rights for ALL

Dan firmly believes in equal rights for everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, religion or sexual preference. No one should be denied the right to marry who they love, and any marriage between two people, regardless of gender, should carry the same rights and privileges. The same is true of all rights everyone should have whether they relate to employment discrimination or fair access to healthcare.

Please check on the issues page on a regular basis as Dan continues to expand his position on these important issues.